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Get Rid of Insomnia and Invigorate Fully with Hypnosis


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Research has shown that hypnosis exposure can suggest better sleeping patterns which can lead to better health, physically and mentally.

One of the most significant health concerns of medical professionals and probably the biggest issues of the working population is insomnia. In its simplest explanation, insomnia is the inability to get appropriate hours of sleep, most likely at night.

If you have been continuously tossing and turning and end up being awake until the wee hours of the morning, chances are, you are experiencing insomnia.


Insomnia Defined

Insomnia is not an infectious disease. It is a type of sleep condition wherein, even though you are tired to the bone and tried your best to keep those eyes shut, sleep has been something so random and unfamiliar. It is also a case of not being able to sustain sleep for long. If you are suffering from insomnia, there is a huge possibility that you are:

  • An early riser. You wake up even before your alarm goes off. And much worse, you couldn’t go back to sleep.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night with no known cause.
  • Tired upon waking up. This causes you to feel exhausted all day and may have difficulties in concentrating on various tasks.
  • Unable to take quick naps during the day no matter how worn out you feel.


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Unfortunately, insomnia has a wide array of causes, and some of these cannot be dealt with easily. Fortunately, there are different types of hypnosis methods that can help someone get rid of insomnia.


Method 1: Reviving a memory

Not similar to regression, reviving a memory is more like reliving something that happened in the past wherein you still had good patterns of sleep. The person will be in a trance of feeling that memory and getting lost in it. Post hypnotism then follows this.


Method 2: Post-hypnotism

After a typical session with your therapist, he or she may encourage sleep through suggestions of post hypnotism. This is where their clients can easily fall asleep if they experience a particular action was implied. It is done through a trigger and a result.


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So what happens is, the therapist will provide a set of special instructions which is referred to as triggers. Then, he or she and will also provide what would happen when that trigger is encountered, and that is known as the result. The therapist will then make the client rehearse distinctive scenarios, programming the mind with directions of how and when sleep would occur.

However, these post-hypnotism suggestions should be something unique that the person doesn’t usually do; otherwise, it will post a risk of falling asleep anywhere. If the suggestion would be rubbing your belly and you accidentally did that at work, chances are, you are likely to fall into a deep sleep while working.


Method 3: Stories of hypnotism

Another technique that can effectively impact sleep is by creating a hypnotism story that is to be repeatedly verbalized.

One example would be: Jane lay down on her bed and tucked herself in the sheets. Her feet and hands are exhausted and started to relax. It didn’t take long for her eyes to follow suit that in a matter of seconds, it closes and Jane was asleep.

Aside from sleep, this technique can also be used to deal with other problems like anxiety and stress.



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