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Hypnosis: Does It Really Work?

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Hypnosis is used since the ancient times to heal the body from injuries and pain. It is not only used for body healing but mental and spiritual aspect as well. Hypnotherapy can help in other mental health problems, for instance, anxiety and depression.…

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Misconceptions about Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy is an extremely underused and underestimated form of treatment, mostly because it isn’t widely recognized in the medical field. There is also a lot of misunderstanding surrounding hypnotherapy and how it works. Many people falsely associate it with hypnosis, which is more used as a form of entertainment and amusement rather than a form of treatment. This is unfortunate, as hypnotherapy could really help a lot of people if there were just more widespread information and education. With that being said, the following are all misconceptions that the public has about hypnotherapy, as well as accurate information that debunks these false narratives.…

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Using Hypnotherapy for a Better Quality of Life

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Overview: Harmful Behaviors and Addiction

Addiction and unhealthy behaviors can really damage an individual’s quality of life in many ways. It can impact relationships, physical and mental health, life expectancy, professional careers, and many other things. Fortunately, hypnotherapy has been proven to benefit people who have developed a dependency on addiction to substances and behaviors. This is a good add-on to achieve help with wellness.  Hypnotherapists use hypnosis to alter the subconscious mind so that the patient will realize that they can live without substances, that they are much better off without it, and that it’s extremely harmful to their body and their overall life.…

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Different Types of Hypnotherapy

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Just like any other type of psychotherapy, there are different subsets of hypnotherapy that can be used for different situations depending on the circumstance, disorder, or behavior trying to be altered. Different environments and situations warrant certain types of hypnotherapy that best fit the individual and their circumstance. It also depends on what is trying to be altered, whether that be a mental disorder like anxiety or a negative habit like smoking. The most common types of hypnotherapy include traditional/suggestion therapy, hypno-psychotherapy, analytical hypnotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, Time Line therapy, and specific or solution focused hypnotherapy.…

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Hypnotherapy for Different Mental Disorders



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Studies and trials have shown that hypnotherapy can be especially beneficial and successful for anxiety disorders, phobia, anxiety associated with certain situations, and other circumstances. In fact, it has been proven that children and individuals who have anxiety regarding procedures and surgeries have benefited tremendously from undergoing a hypnotherapy session before it takes place. There have been studies conducted with cancer patients who feel anxious when they have to undergo procedures and radiation. Many who have had a session before their medical procedure have reported having felt much more relaxed when receiving radiation or when they enter the operating room.…

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What Is Hypnotherapy And What Is It Used For?

What is Hypnotherapy? An Overview

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Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that is applied to patients with some kind of mental illness or problem in their life who want to get well. It usually focuses on using hypnosis to alter harmful behaviors, understand underlying causes of mental disorders or personal issues, and identifying suppressed feelings and memories (however, analyzing suppression has been a controversial topic in the psychological field).…

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Benefits Of Hypnosis As A Form Of Therapy

Back in the day, hypnosis was associated with evil people who scam others through mind control. Fast forward to present time, hypnosis is now a widely used therapeutic method in treating mental health issues and to improve overall well-being.


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Hypnotize Your Way to Success

Hypnotherapy? Who honestly thinks it’s going to work for them? In a way, when it first came to the headlines, everyone was skeptical and laughed at the idea and it’s not hard to see why. Who honestly thinks being hypnotized will help you overcome your fears and make you a more successful person? Probably very few do. Some get lucky with outside support\, but what happens to those who don’t? Despite the fact that it might seem a little strange, it is potentially possible to hypnotize your way to success. read more here!

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